visit a house church

It can be an intimidating thing to meet with a group of strangers in someone else's home, but we're so excited that you're considering a visit to our church! Here's how you can get started. 


If you have friends who are already a part of Antioch, let them know you’re coming! If possible, call Jon (509-263-2015) or Adriane (206-940-6143 to let them know you'll be there (makes it easier to plan the meal).

Show up

When you arrive, you'll see an Antioch sign in the front yard, so you know you're in the right place!

What to expect:

Each of our house church meetings follows roughly the same schedule: we share a potluck meal together, we spend time in group prayer, we listen to a sermon, we discuss the scripture at hand, and we take the Lord's Supper. There is time spent getting to know each other, playing with kids in the yard, and trying to "bear one another's burdens". Some days we sing, some days we move outside to enjoy nice weather, some days we skip the study and just spend time in prayer. 

We welcome people at any stage of faith: whether you're a longtime Christian, a new believer trying to grow, or skeptical of any sort of religion, you will be warmly welcomed. We encourage everyone to participate, but you will not be compelled, coerced, or forced into participating if you're not comfortable. For information on our philosophy of ministry, please see our Membership Covenant. 


We love kids, and want to help them learn about Jesus from an early age! Kids are always welcome, and we have age-appropriate lessons and activities for them while their parents are praying, discussing, and learning. Many weeks, they stay with the adults while we sing and study. If your kids have special needs or dietary restrictions, please try to communicate that so we can plan accordingly. 


Let us know you're coming!

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