Practical Ways to Find Rest

55 Practical Ideas to Rest Spiritually

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To Unplug

  1. Leave your smartphone on your nightstand or equivalent
  2. Listen to music, not the TV
  3. Skip email
  4. Resolve to spend a whole day unplugged each week
  5. Make Facebook notifications and social media WAIT

To Connect with God

  1. Go to church (if your Sabbath day is on Sunday)
  2. Read the Bible
  3. Fill your home with worship music
  4. Sit quietly for a bit, in the spirit of Psalm 46:10, and praying
  5. Talk with your family about what God has done!
  6. Read Bible stories to your children
  7. Write in a journal
  8. Read a book the compels you towards Christ
  9. Watch a sunrise

To Actively Rest

  1. Take a nap
  2. Lay on the couch
  3. Drink hot tea
  4. Take a bath

To Rejuvenate

  1. Play a game
  2. Join a sports league
  3. Start a hobby
  4. Read a Christian novel
  5. Have fun
  6. Do what gives you life
  7. Have face-to-face or over-the-phone conversations
  8. Laugh
  9. Go for a hike
  10. Be in nature
  11. Go for a stroll around the block
  12. Have a date night

Try Taking a Break from Things Like:

  1. Laundry
  2. Weeding, gardening or yard work
  3. Housework
  4. Cooking
  5. Exercising
  6. Dishes
  7. Working
  8. Exhausting outings
  9. Your kids’ activities
  10. Chores
  11. Errands

Creative Ideas

  1. Use paper plates
  2. Make a crockpot meal
  3. Set the same meals on that day from week to week, and keep those ingredients on hand
  4. Buy or pre-make frozen meals to prepare
  5. Unlink email from your smartphone
  6. Write a letter or card
  7. Listen to the birds chirping

Resting with Kids

  1. Let them watch a movie
  2. Read to them
  3. Play a quiet game
  4. Do a puzzle
  5. Send them to their room for quiet time
  6. Lay down and snuggle with them
  7. Do the minimum, on purpose.