Foundational Beliefs: Missionary Mindset

Hello internet!

So this one is pretty simple really - we believe that every believer, due to being indwelt by the Holy Spirit, is called to be a missionary to their own circles of influence. Whether that is to your workplace, your school, your family members, your sports team, your playdate friends... you are on a mission to the people you already know!

Missionaries, when they set off for a faraway land, have three primary objectives, and these may be helpful in learning to be a missionary to your friends/coworkers/relatives. 

First, missionaries are looking to serve the people around them in whatever way they can. In third world countries, this might mean helping to build structures, or teach language, or protect people from malaria. In your context as a missionary to your network, this might mean helping people move, or build a deck, or commiserate about how horrible your boss is. When there is a need, missionaries don't look around for someone to step up - they jump in themselves. Who is responsible for serving people and meeting their needs? YOU ARE.

Second, missionaries are always looking for opportunities to spread the Gospel. This happens in three ways, each dependent on one another- 1) through building relationships with people over dinner/drinks/softball/FIFA'16, 2) through personally sharing the Good News with them over dinner/drinks/softball/FIFA'16 3) through introducing this friend to the community of believers in the church. Missionaries in foreign countries are always trying to help people meet Jesus, and so are we! Who is responsible for telling your friend about Jesus? YOU ARE. 

Finally, missionaries are constantly trying to "disciple" their people, helping their faith to become stronger, richer, and more consuming. This discipleship process is long, arduous, and fraught with danger, but it really is rather simple. The missionary assumes the posture of a patient parent, trying to teach their child. Over time the child continues to grow (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly), but in time they become mature and start training up children of their own. Our goal is always to make disciples who have deep roots, and so we never stop training, encouraging, and coaching.  Who is responsible for coaching your friend in their newfound faith? YOU ARE. 

Every believer is capable of this kind of missionary activity. Every believer is given this responsibility in scripture. This is not just a job for the pastors and the priests - it's a job for everyone. It's a job for you. 

Grace and peace,


Jonathan Schuler