Antioch is a house church, on mission together for the sake of the Gospel. 


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what is a house church?


Each Sunday we meet in houses to eat, pray, remember, disciple, and share our lives with one another. According to the example of the early church, these gatherings center around prayer, Bible teaching, communion, and sharing a meal together.


We're just trying to be Jesus' disciples - but we want to do it TOGETHER.

We want to pray - together.

We want to search the scriptures - together.

We want to obey the Holy Spirit - together.

We want to build each other up - together.

We want to teach ordinary people - even those who are new in their faith - to start to think and act like missionaries in their communities. That way we can help build God's Kingdom - together.


The simplest definition of church is just "disciples, together".

It shouldn't be as complicated as we sometimes make it. Simply put, if you've got a group of people committed to loving Jesus together, then you have a church. Sometimes those groups meet in a church building, sometimes they meet in stadiums, and sometimes they meet in houses. 

We eat.

We love to eat together. Like, a lot. When you come to an Antioch house church, you'll never leave hungry. 

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Conversations seem to happen more freely around the table - sharing our joys and fears - this is some of our most valuable "community" time.

We do most meals potluck style - we'll coordinate around a central theme (taco night, breakfast burritos, or soups and salads, etc). If you're interested in helping with a house church meal, please contact Jon (509-263-2015) to get in the loop!

We also take the Lord's Supper at every single meeting, as a reminder that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection are the very center of our lives as Christians.

We pray.

Easily the best part of the day. We spend a large portion of each meeting on our knees together.

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Prayer is one of our primary objectives - and one of our only measures of success. Have we prayed fervently? If so, then it's been a good church gathering.

We typically use the ACTS prayer format [Adoration + Confession + Thanksgiving + Supplication], to remind each other to bring ALL things to God in prayer. Specific prayer requests are welcomed.

We discuss. 

Because we value God's word, we take time each week to study, share, discuss, and reflect. 

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Most weeks, we listen to a sermon and have study and discussion questions immediately after. We believe that God reveals Himself through his Word, and so we read and discuss it intently.

Different people learn differently, so we try to make room for all different learning types: hearing the Good News, seeing it in action, and practicing living it out are all distinct learning methods that we aim to use.

We encourage.

We are truly a spiritual family. We build each other up, and take time to really love one another.

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This extends way beyond the 2 hrs we're together on Sundays - we build each other up and walk through life together all week long!

We want to create intentional relationships with one another: serving, encouraging, and walking with each other. The church word for this is "discipleship", and we believe that every Christian is called to be a disciple-maker in their own context [to the people of their families, neighborhoods, and workplaces].


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In the beginning of 2016, along with some of their best friends, Jon and Adriane Schuler started Antioch Church with a simple goal: Teach people to love God, love people, and be on mission, and then send them out as missionaries to plant house churches. Our audacious vision is to send out 1000 missionaries in the next 30 years. 

If you're in need of pastoral care or counseling, contact Jon and Adriane by phone, text, or email.


call/text: 509.263.2015



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