Antioch is a network of house churches, on mission together for the sake of the Gospel. 


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Antioch Church is actually made up of many small churches...

Each Sunday, throughout the city, we have house churches meeting to eat, pray, remember, disciple, and share their lives with one another. The house churches are led by ordinary people - mechanics, construction workers, accountants, etc. According to the example of the early church, these gatherings center around prayer, Bible teaching, and sharing a meal together.


We're just trying to be Jesus' disciples - but we want to do it TOGETHER.

We want to pray - together.

We want to search the scriptures - together.

We want to obey the Holy Spirit - together.

We want to build each other up - together.

We want to teach ordinary people - even those who are new in their faith - to start to think and act like missionaries in their communities. That way we can help build God's Kingdom - together.


Family reunion!

church together


Family Reunion!

On the last Sunday every month, all the house churches get together under one roof for "Church Together" - worshiping, teaching, taking communion, encouraging one another, and celebrating what God is doing in our lives and in our city. 

Think of weekly house church gatherings like a family dinner, and the monthly "Church Together" as a family reunion. As our house churches grow and multiply, "Church Together" is a cherished opportunity to see brothers and sisters that we love in Christ. 

We believe there are valuable, important things that happen in each of those gatherings, and we see both large and small gatherings happening in the early church described in the Bible. 


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In the beginning of 2016, along with about 20 of their best friends, Jon and Adriane Schuler started Antioch Church with a simple goal: Teach people to love God, love people, and be on mission, and then send them out as missionaries to plant house churches. Our vision is to send out 1000 missionaries in the next 30 years. 

If you're in need of pastoral care or counseling, contact Jon and Adriane by phone, text, or email.


call/text: 509.263.2015



call/text: 206.940.6143